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Exploring Groundwater Activity-Stations Laboratory Kit

Exploring Groundwater Activity-Stations Laboratory Kit, AP7357
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Exploring Groundwater Activity-Stations Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Explore important concepts related to groundwater using this activity-station lab kit! Three “mini-lab” activities, each focusing on a specific groundwater-related principle or topic, are included:
• Permeability and Porosity—students perform a measurement lab activity to determine and calculate the percent porosity and permeability of different soil samples.
• Groundwater Simulation Model—students create and test a groundwater simulation model. Model features include confined aquifers, wells, and both point and non-point pollution sources.
• Permeable Reactive Barriers—students will observe the potential of using metallic iron to clean up contaminated groundwater via an oxidation-reduction reaction.
Each activity is a self-contained unit and student groups may rotate through the stations in any order. Teacher notes with complete sample data, comprehensive background information, reproducible student handouts, and all chemicals and consumables needed to perform the activities are supplied. Activity-stations lab format lets you do more labs in less time!


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