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Fuel Cell Football Apparatus

Fuel Cell Football Apparatus, AP7310
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Fuel Cell Football Apparatus
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By: The Flinn Staff

The “kick” is up and it is . . . GOOD! Fuel-cell field goal! When properly filled with a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, a plastic pipet bulb can be projected 20–30 feet across a classroom. The goal of this activity is to make a “chemical field goal” by sending the pipet bulb through the goal post on the opposite side of the classroom. Apparatus kit includes the materials to build a 1/7 scale replica of an NFL goalpost, a launcher, and unique launch pad. Instructions included with kit provide directions for building the goalpost apparatus and procedure for preparing chemicals and launching fuel cell “footballs".

Optional Micro-Mole Rockets Student Laboratory Kit (Catalog No. AP6374) includes all of the required chemicals to perform this activity with 30 students working in pairs. For added fun, make this activity “official” by wearing a referee jersey (also sold separately).

  • Fuel Cell Football
    Fuel Cell Football
    The “goal” is for the hydrogen/oxygen rocket bulb to sail through the goalposts!
Micro Mole Rockets - Hydrogen and Oxygen Mole Ratio - Student Laboratory Kit
The combustion reaction of hydrogen and oxygen has been used to send people to the moon and to design electric vehicles for the future. What factors determine the explosiveness of this reaction? In this microscale lab activity, students generate hydrogen...
Referee Jersey, XL
For added fun, make activities and demonstrations "official" by wearing a referee jersey!
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