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Minerals, Metals, and Mining - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit

Minerals, Metals, and Mining -
Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit, AP6896
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Minerals, Metals, and Mining - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Precious metals in mineral deposits have been discovered and it’s the job of your students to decide which site would be the most profitable to mine—just like real-world geologists! Students extract “gold” and “silver” from ore samples of two different sites and determine the percent concentration by mass of each type of metal. Next they calculate the profit per kilogram of ore mined from each site, and then make their recommendations. When not all groups reach the same conclusion, students use their critical-thinking skills to analyze the process and explain the variations in results. Includes complete instructions with reproducible student handouts, valuable Teacher Notes, and detailed background information.

Super Value Kit is complete for 15 groups of students. Materials are completely reusable—a great value! Balances with 0.1-g precision are recommended and available separately.


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