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Rock Cycle Adventure Student Activity Kit

Rock Cycle Adventure Student Activity Kit AP7321
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Rock Cycle Adventure Student Activity Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Send your students on an adventure to discover how the calcium in their breakfast juice could have once been part of a volcanic eruption! The random method of this interactive exercise helps students understand the dynamic nature of the rock cycle, how rocks are formed, and the forces that drive the process. A simple roll of the specially-designed colored die at each “rock cycle station” determines the next step in the process—it may be weathering, melting, or even to remain in place. After traveling through the rock cycle, students compare and contrast their experiences, and conclude that no two adventures are alike!
Kit includes complete instructions with reproducible student worksheets, detailed background information, valuable teacher notes and enough materials for 30 students working individually. Materials are completely reusable for years of adventure!


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