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Regulation—AP Biology Review Demonstration Kit

Regulation—AP Biology Review Demonstration Kit FB1969
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Regulation—AP Biology Review Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Engaging review activities to help students explain and predict mechanisms of biological regulation at the cellular and organismic levels for the AP Biology Exam! The College Board lists regulation as one of the eight major themes for an integrated approach to advanced biology concepts. Multi-demonstration kit provides three interactive activities to help students review their understanding of this fundamental theme.
• Diffusion—Add a twist to the classic dialysis tubing experiment. Acids and bases cause an indicator to change color as they diffuse through the dialysis tubing. What ions are involved? How does the cell membrane regulate the concentration of electrolytes?
• Buffers—Buffers provide essential pH regulation in cells, blood, and the lungs and kidneys. Demonstrate the composition, reactions, and mechanism of buffer action.
• Organism Regulation—Identify the different ways organisms regulate their bodies and respond to the environment with a colorful set of organism and habitat cards.
Practical, interesting, and effective way to prepare students for the essay questions on the AP Biology Exam! Sample data and questions help students apply concepts from different topics within the broader context of regulation.
Comprehensive teacher demonstration notes, along with reproducible student worksheets, sample AP-style essay questions, and answer sheets, are included. Kit includes enough materials to perform each activity at least three times.


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