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Particle Physics Bingo - Super Value Game

Particle Physics Bingo - Super Value Game, AP7342
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Particle Physics Bingo - Super Value Game
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By: The Flinn Staff

Quarks and leptons, muons and bosons—what are all these particles? Move beyond protons, neutrons and electrons and teach students the basics of modern particle physics by playing an exciting game of bingo! Particle Physics Bingo will help students identify the basic building blocks of matter and understand the fundamental forces at work in the universe. The bingo cards list all of the terminology students need to know to appreciate the strength of the Standard Model. This is THE model of modern physics! Kit includes 30 unique bingo cards, 55 particle physics bingo clues, and 750 bingo chips. Student review sheets and Teacher Notes with helpful playing tips are also provided.

Super Value Game is complete for 30 students playing individually. All materials are reusable.


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