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Determining Protein Concentration—Student Laboratory Kit

Determining Protein Concentration—Student Laboratory Kit FB1974
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Determining Protein Concentration—Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Proteins represent the most diverse class of biological compounds within cells. In this lab, students will quantify the amount of proteins in a sample using a simple color test based on reaction of the protein’s polypeptide backbone with copper ions. The concentration of protein is directly proportional to the amount of light absorbed by the sample. Students learn about and prepare a standard curve—one of the most important analytical techniques in biology labs. Plotting the absorbance of light at maximum wavelength versus the concentration of a set of standards gives a straight-line graph. Students then measure absorbance of a sample with an unknown concentration and use the graph to determine the amount of protein. Students will love this real-world lab that gives excellent results!
Kit includes protein, quantitative biuret solution, and pipets for 10 groups of students to complete the activity. Colorimeters or spectrophotometers, cuvets, and pipet bulbs are required but not included.


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