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Antibody Function—Student Activity Kit

Antibody Function—Student Activity Kit FB1967
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Antibody Function—Student Activity Kit
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By: William P. Baker, PhD. Western Kentucky Community and Technical College, Paducah, KY

The human body is constantly exposed to microbes, toxins, dust and pollen—foreign substances that are potentially harmful and may cause disease. One of the most important defenses the body uses to fight these foreign antigens is the production of antibodies. In this simulation of antibody diversity and antibody–antigen binding; students construct an antibody model by selecting from a variety of available heavy and light chain regions possibilities to form an IgG antibody. They then investigate binding of their unique antibody with different antigen templates to determine if there is a match. Students subsequently understand the fate of their constructed antibody based upon it finding or not finding a matching antigen. Activity provides a creative way to identify “lock-and-key” biological relationships.
This kit includes enough antibody models for 30 students working individually, two shared copies of each simulated antigen, detailed background information and procedures, as well as reproducible student worksheets and valuable Teacher Notes.


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