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Chemistry Crossword Puzzles

Chemistry Crossword Puzzles, AP7372
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Chemistry Crossword Puzzles
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Author: Irene Cesa

Allotropes, isotopes, electrolysis, molarity, stoichiometry, thermodynamics! How often have you heard students remark that learning chemistry is like learning a new language? As our vocabulary increases, so too does our knowledge! Learning the language—the terminology of chemistry—is fundamental to understanding the principles and concepts of chemistry. Antoine Lavoisier hinted at this essential connection in an oft-quoted statement: “To call forth a concept, a word is needed.” Help students achieve greater chemical literacy and improve their conceptual understanding of chemistry with this book of interesting, fun crossword puzzles.

From the scientific method and atomic structure to the mole concept and equilibrium, the book contains 24 original crossword puzzles that span the entire high school chemistry curriculum. Puzzles have an average of 22 answers each, and the clues range from straightforward definitions to more engaging or curious facts that will help students associate words with ideas and concepts. Solved puzzles are provided, along with alphabetical listings of answers for each puzzle—the latter are useful study guides! The puzzles make learning fun and offer a variety of opportunities for creative lesson planning and instruction, from engagement and review to pre- or post-test assessment. A wonderful resource for the high school chemistry teacher! 24 puzzles, 68 pages, 8½” x 11”, spiral bound. Copyright permission granted for the teacher to photocopy puzzles for classroom use by students.

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