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Pressure vs. Temperature Gas Law Apparatus

Pressure vs. Temperature Gas Law Apparatus, AP7159
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Pressure vs. Temperature Gas Law Apparatus
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By: The Flinn Staff

Demonstrate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of a gas, and accurately determine the value of absolute zero, with this innovative gas law apparatus. Apparatus consists of a Mason pressure flask fitted with a special stopper to ensure an air-tight fit, dual-scale pressure gauge, syringe with Luer-lock fitting, and Luer-lock adapters and stopcocks. Simply trap air in the flask at atmospheric pressure, add additional gas via the syringe, cool the flask in an ice-bath, and then begin slow heating, followed by reverse cooling, to obtain temperature and pressure measurements. Graph the data and extrapolate backwards to determine absolute zero—students will be amazed at the linear fit and the accuracy of the results! Apparatus is completely reusable, a great value! Kit includes detailed Teacher Notes, along with extensive background information, student worksheet, and real sample data and results.

: A digital thermometer is required and available separately.

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