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Mole Concept Puzzle - Student Activity Kit

Mole Concept Puzzle - Student Activity Kit, AP7446
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Mole Concept Puzzle - Student Activity Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Many students are quite puzzled about moles. Scientists “count out” atoms or molecules by weighing them. Learn or review the concepts of atomic mass, molar mass, Avogadro’s number, conversions, and chemical formula writing with the Mole Concept Puzzle.

A wonderful exercise to tie in all the mole concepts before chemical equations. A set of 15 different puzzle sheets contains multiple mole concept clues. Relying on the success of the entire class challenges students to answer their puzzles correctly, organize the answers to get the proper clues, and arrange the clues to decode a secret quote. A great way to make sure the mole concept is no longer puzzling to your students.
Includes 15 individual reproducible mole concept puzzle sheets, pre-lab questions, and detailed Teacher Notes.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.


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