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Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus AP7431
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Melting Point Apparatus
Product Description

Avoid the hazards associated with traditional oil baths or mercury thermometers— use the melting point apparatus to easily and accurately determine melting points.  The melting point apparatus offers many notable features:

• Provides precise melting points up to 400 ºC.
• Temperature resolution of 0.1ºC.
• Accepts up to three samples simultaneously using glass capillary tubes.
• Fits up to 2 mm diameter capillary tubes.
• Simply press a key to record up to six readings without the need to make a written record.
• Oven temperature automatically reverts to ramp-start setting; test consecutive samples under identical conditions.
• 8X magnification focusing eyepiece and light give a clear view of the heating block.
• Safe and quick to use— unit heats up or cools down within just 5 minutes.

Melting point apparatus comes with a package of 100 capillary tubes and instruction; 115 Volts.


Capillary Tubes, 90 mm length, One Open, 100 tubes/vial

Capillary tubes are either 100 mm or 90 mm in length and have an inside diameter of approximately 1.3 to 1.4 mm. You can select from tubes that are open on both ends (used for spotting TLC plates) or closed on one end (used for melting point determinations)....
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