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Rediscovery of the Elements

Rediscovery of the Elements, AP7460
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Rediscovery of the Elements
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An amazing resource about the elements! Disk operates on a computer in a Web page format that is a running text with more than 5000 photographs, allowing teachers and students to experience the actual rediscovery, just as the authors did, of the famous chemical sites. Includes accounts of each element through 118.

Photographs of all elements through uranium (element 92) are provided, along with photos of the minerals and ores from which the elements were identified and the original sites where they were discovered. A treasure-trove of information, the slides also contain GPS locations of mines and laboratories where these amazing discoveries took place. A 100-plus page text on the disk summarizes the historical and biographical information for each element and the scientists involved in the discoveries. Join the authors on an epic, modern-day quest—traveling the world, researching, photographing, and documenting the people, places, and materials involved in the discovery of each element on the periodic table. Disk must be used with a computer.


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