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Aquapod Bottle Launcher®

Aquapod Bottle Launcher®, AP7471
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Aquapod Bottle Launcher®
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Blast off! One minute the 2-L plastic bottle is sitting on the Aquapod in front of you and the next it is soaring upward to 100 feet off the ground—and the rocket fuel of choice: water and air! Explore Newton’s third law and observe first hand how every action has an equal and opposite reaction by adding water and pressurized air to an everyday soda bottle and then launching it with the Aquapod. The futuristic, one-piece launcher made of highly durable ABS plastic requires no assembly, just an ordinary bicycle pump, a bottle, and water. Launcher has a built-in solid brass safety valve that releases pressure at 60 psi to prevent overpressurizing as well as detailed safety procedures. An included 15-foot string allows the bottle to be launched from a safe distance. Instructions include safety warnings and pre-launch checklist to inspect the apparatus, O-ring, bottle, and string. 13” x 7¾” x 13½”.

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