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The Ultimate Chemical Equations Handbook, Teacher, 2nd Edition

The Ultimate Chemical Equations Handbook, Teacher, 2nd Edition, AP7479
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The Ultimate Chemical Equations Handbook, Teacher, 2nd Edition
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Authors: George R. Hague, Jr.,
St. Mark's School of Texas, Dallas, TX and
Jane D. Smith, Centennial High School, Frisco, TX

New and totally revised second edition of the "bible of chemical equations!" This popular book is a must-have for every AP chemistry student. Both the student and teacher editions have been updated to reflect the most recent changes to the AP Chemistry Exam and, in particular, to the Equations section of the test. Written by two respected high school AP Chemistry teachers, the handbook is a compilation of years of experience and expertise. Thorough, comprehensive, and in-depth examples and practice exercises provide continuous reinforcement to improve your students' chemical literacy skills. The book is also an invaluable resource for pre-AP review and summer prep activities.
The student edition contains 15 chapters, each with exercises and practice equations. Chapters include:
• Symbols & Nomenclature
• Inorganic Formulas
• Oxidation Numbers
• Ternary Nomenclature of Acids & Salts
• Complex Ion Formulas & Nomenclature
• Organic Nomenclature & Simple Reactions
• Balancing Molecular Equations
• Single Replacment Reactions
• Double Replacment Reactions
• Aqueous Solutions & Ionic Equations
• Redox Equation Balancing & Reactions
• Electrolysis in Aqueous Solutions
• Complex Ion Reactions
• Summary of Reactions
• Molecular Equations for Reference
Teacher edition contains the entire student test...and answers to all questions and equations. Updated reaction prediction section consists of 25 realistic, AP-style practice sets with five sample chemical reactions (test questions) each. Each example includes the now standard follow-up question that students must answer concerning the reaction, e.g., identify the oxidizing agent, is the final solution acidic, basic, or neutral, etc. Appendix contains a 50-year collection of AP-type Chemistry Equations—amazing! Don't teach AP Chemistry without this book!
2010, 8½" x 11". Student Edition, perfect-bound, 112 pages; Teacher Edition, spiral-bound, 214 pages.


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