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TLC of Fruit Juices - Student Laboratory Kit

TLC of Fruit Juices - Student Laboratory Kit, AP7405
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TLC of Fruit Juices - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Are any other acids found in fruit juices besides citric acid? Some edible fruits contain six or more carboxylic acids, including benzoic and traces of oxalic. How are these acids separated and identified? Thin layer chromatography, or TLC, is a quick and inexpensive method to identify organic components in a mixture. Students spot TLC plates with standard mixtures of citric, tartaric and succinic acids, along with juice samples. Once the plates are developed, students measure and compare the distances traveled to determine the juice components. Includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, complete Teacher Notes with sample data, and all chemicals and consumable supplies needed to perform the lab.
Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Perform this experiment in a fume hood or well-ventilated lab.


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