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Exploring Earthquakes Activity-Stations Kit

Exploring Earthquakes Activity-Stations Kit AP7406
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Exploring Earthquakes Activity-Stations Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

For centuries earthquakes have both fascinated and frightened. In this activity-stations lab, students explore what causes earthquakes, discover why they are so unpredictable, and investigate factors that impact the effects of seismic activity. Four mini-lab stations are set up around the classroom, each a self-contained activity focusing on a specific topic:
• Modeling Faults
• Elastic Rebound
• Seismic Waves
• Resonance and Earthquake Damage
Includes Teacher Notes with sample data, extensive background information, reproducible student worksheet and vocabulary crossword puzzle, and all materials needed to perform the experiments except rulers and meter sticks.
Complete for eight groups of students.


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