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Newton's Laws Activity-Stations Kit

Newton's Laws Activity-Stations Kit AP7408
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Newton's Laws Activity-Stations Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Whether you’re lifting a box, playing hockey, or flying to the moon, your physical motion and interactions are governed by Newton’s laws! In this activity-stations lab, students investigate inertia, force, and acceleration using air pucks, carts and pulleys with hanging weights, and balloon rockets, respectively. Each independent mini-lab activity takes 10−15 minutes to complete, and students may rotate through the stations in any order. Activities include:
• Exploring Inertia and Newton's First Law
• Newton’s Second Law—Mass versus Acceleration
• Optimizing Balloon Rockets Using Newton’s Third Law
Kit includes equipment and consumable supplies required to set up two stations for each activity—six student groups may be accommodated at one time! Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions, as well as comprehensive background information and reproducible student handouts, are provided. Activity-stations lab format lets you do more labs in less time!


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