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What's My Element? Chemistry Review Super Value Game

What's My Element? Chemistry Review Super Value Game, AP7414
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What's My Element? Chemistry Review Super Value Game
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By: Ashley Spooner
Boynton Beach H.S., Boynton Beach, FL

Reviewing the elements and their positions on the periodic table will be enjoyable for your students with this fun game. Students play in pairs, with each student challenged to find out the mystery element of an opponent who is trying to do the same! The first one to discover the opponent’s mystery element by careful deductive reasoning is the winner. Colorful element cards in each set of 24 depict the element name, symbol, atomic number, and an illustration of a common use of the element. Includes valuable Teacher Notes, instructions for playing the game, reproducible student worksheet, 30 sets of What’s My Element? playing cards and 15 periodic tables.

Super Value Game is complete for 15 student groups. All materials are reusable!


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