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Gingerbread Anatomy - Student Laboratory Kit

Gingerbread Anatomy - Student Laboratory Kit FB2010
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Gingerbread Anatomy - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: Deborah Sachs and Hattie Hatfield
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, Indianapolis, IN

Sweeten the experience of learning anatomical terminology by dissecting gelatin gingerbread men! Students practice anatomical terminology by correctly following the dissection instructions. Specific cuts along the medial and transverse planes are made to obtain highly visual cross-sections. In order to obtain and sketch the correct cross sections students learn terms such as superior, inferior, anterior, posterior, transverse, and frontal among others. This activity brings a 3-D perspective to learning relative anatomical positions.
This kit includes enough materials for 16 groups of students, detailed Teacher’s Guide, and student worksheet with answers. Food items that simulate internal organs are recommended but not provided.


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