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Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry DVD Set

Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry DVD Set, AP7488
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Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry DVD Set
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Transform matter- and your teaching- using exciting, dynamic chemical reactions. They are more than formulas and equations! Our incredible video series of tested and proven lab activities is now available on DVD! Experience the inspiration of being in a workshop classroom with fellow teachers as award-winning presenters perform each experiment or demonstration and explain its underlying design. Improve your motivation and confidence to make chemistry truly come alive in your classroom for all your students. Build your video library today! Handouts provided for all activities!  There is also a complete bundled Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set (Catalog No. AP7495) available that includes more than 75 hours of videos.

All of the videos listed below are available on the Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry DVD set, which includes Chemical Reactions and Mole Concept and Stoichiometry. More than 8 hours of total viewing on 6 disks! 52 total activities! 

Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are the lifeblood of chemistry!  The wide-ranging selection of reactions in this series will help you teach students the "chemical literacy" skills they need to be successful in chemistry. 8 videos.

Concepts: Classification of reactions, oxidation and reduction, exothermic and endothermic reactions, balanced chemical equations, periodic trends, thermochemistry, rates of reactions, catalysis, organic chemistry, combustion, metal activity.

 Video Description
Synthesis Reactions Learn how to safely demonstrate exciting synthesis reactions and teach students how chemical reactions are classifies. 5 activities, 56 min.
Decomposition Reactions Proven activities show students that compounds break down to produce two or more products. 5 activities, 56 min.
Single-Replacement Reactions Study metal activity using single replacement reactions, which typically occur in one direction only. 4 activities, 34 min.
Double-Replacement Reactions Explore the formation and properties of new ionic compounds via precipitation reactions, the most common type of double-replacement reactions. 5 activities, 47 min.
Bob Becker's Favorite Combustion Reaction Demonstrations Bob Becker shares the inspiration and insight that led to some of his most creative and original combustion reaction demonstrations! 5 activities, 37 min.
Combustion Reactions These fiery reactions will captivate and stimulate your students. 5 activities, 39 min.
Combustion of Alcohols Learn to perform these combustion reaction demonstrations safely and for maximum educational benefit. 5 activities, 43 min.
Reactions of Calcium Carbide and Combustion of Acetylene An "explosive" way to introduce chemistry! Calcium carbide reacts with water to form acetylene, which burns hot and provides interesting special effects. 5 activities, 36 min.

Mole Concept and Stoichiometry

Understanding the mole concept makes it possible to analyze compounds and determine their formulas. It is the bridge that allows us to study the composition of matter in terms of atoms and molecules. 4 videos.

Concepts: Chemical formulas, chemical reactions, mole concept, molar mas, Avogadro's number, stoichiometry, mole ratios, limiting and excess reactants, acids and bases, combustion reactions, activation energy

Video Description
Introduction to the Mole Concept Activities to help you get across the almost unimaginable size and utility of Avogadro's number! 4 activities, 48 min.
Mole Relationships and the Balance Chemical Equation Investigate quantitative relationships governing the disappearance of reactants and the appearance of products in chemical reactions. 4 activities, 49 min.
Limiting and Excess Reactants Creative labs and models will make even advanced stoichiometry concepts fun for your students! 3 activities, 41 min.
Stoichiometry in Combustion Reactions Exciting examples to teach a core concept, with important real-life applications! 4 activities, 37 min.

The Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry DVD Set is one of ten different Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Sets! Click on the items below for more information about the other DVD sets.

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