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Electron Transfer in Chemistry DVD Set

Electron Transfer in Chemistry DVD Set, AP7493
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Electron Transfer in Chemistry DVD Set
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Explore electron energy levels and conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy! Our incredible video series of tested and proven lab activities is now available on DVD! Experience the inspiration of being in a workshop classroom with fellow teachers as award-winning presenters perform each experiment or demonstration and explain its underlying design. Improve your motivation and confidence to make chemistry truly come alive in your classroom for all your students. Build your video library today! Handouts provided for all activities!  There is also a complete bundled Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set (Catalog No. AP7495) available that includes more than 75 hours of videos.

All of the videos listed below are available on the Electron Transfer in Chemistry DVD set, which includes Spectroscopy, Oxidation and Reduction, and Electrochemistry. More than 5 hours of total viewing on 5 disks! 28 total activities! 


Spectroscopy provides versatile tools for deciphering the structures and properties of matter. 2 videos.

Concepts: Electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, electron energy levels, spectrophotometry, cathode ray tubes, isotopes, mass spectrometry

Video Description
Absorption Spectroscopy Demonstrate the fundamentals of absorption spectroscopy. 4 activities, 35 min.
Mass Spectroscopy Mass spectroscopy is truly "a workhorse" method, especially in forensic science. Explore the basic principles using models and simulations! 2 activities, 27 min.

Oxidation and Reduction

Explore the role of electron transfer in oxidation and reduction reactions and determine how these processes are related. 3 videos.

Concepts: Oxidation and reduction, electron transfer, transition metals, complex ions, nanotechnology, metal activity, periodic trends

Video Description
Oxidation States Oxidation states provide a "real" way to identify the changes taking place in redox reactions. 4 activities, 40 min.
Copper, Silver, and Gold Redox Reactions These beautiful activities will show that redox reactions produce some elegant chemistry! 4 activities, 38 min.
Activity Series of Metals Compare the ease of oxidation and relative reactivity of different metals. 5 activities, 54 min.


Electrochemistry—the study of the interconversion of chemical and electrical energy in chemical reactions. 4 videos.

Concepts: Electron transfer reactions, electrochemical cells, voltaic cells, anode vs. cathode, standard reduction potential, cell potential, half-reactions, electrolysis, oxidation and reduction

Video Description
Voltaic Cells Demonstrate that, in a voltaic cell, the flow of electrons accompanying a spontaneous oxidation–reduction reaction occurs via an external pathway. 3 activities, 42 min.
Electrolysis of Water Show students how electricity from an external source is used to "force" a nonspontaneous chemical reaction to occur. 2 activities, 50 min.
Electrolysis Reactions What reaction takes place when an electric current runs through water? Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen. 3 activities, 60 min.
More Electrochemistry Explore unique applications and special effects that add interest to electrochemistry! 3 activities.

The Electron Transfer in Chemistry DVD Set is one of ten different Teacher Chemistry Video Series DVD Sets! Click on the items below for more information about the other DVD sets.


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