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Barometer, Digital

Barometer, Digital AP7527
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Barometer, Digital
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Finally—a safer alternative to the traditional mercury barometer—the new 4-in-1 digital barometer! Simultaneously display barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, and time/day with this accurate, easy-to-read electronic barometer. Displays digital barometric readings for each of the past 12 hours. Adjustable altitude compensation from -300 to 1200 meters. Ideal for recording ambient changes in the lab, monitoring plant conditions, and assisting in the prediction of weather changes. Features include:

• Barometric Pressure Range 800 to 1100 mb/hPa; resolution of 1 mb/hPa.

Humidity Range 20 to 99% RH; resolution of 1%
Temperature Range -4 to 140 ºF/-20 to 60 ºC
Time/Day Clock displays time to the minute in either A.M./P.M. and calendar shows month and date.

Measures 10¼" H x 4¼" W x 1"D. Switches permit setting in ºF/ºC and in Hg/mb/hPa mbars. Unit is supplied with a bench stand and two AA and four AAA batteries.

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