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Studying Heart Rate Using Daphnia -
Student Laboratory Kit

Studying Heart Rate Using Daphnia -
Student Laboratory Kit, FB2002
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Studying Heart Rate Using Daphnia -
Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Daphnia magna, also known as water fleas, are transparent crustaceans that serve as an ideal organism to study the physiological responses to various stimuli. In this lab, Daphnia are exposed to both a stimulant and depressant as well as varying environmental temperatures. Students view the organisms under a compound microscope to observe the effect of these conditions on heart rate. Includes detailed Teacher Notes with helpful lab hints, answers to worksheet questions, and a reproducible student worksheet.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Daphnia magna and a compound microscope are required and available separately.

Daphnia magna, Culture, Class Size 30
Daphnia magna. Two or more times the size of other species. The choice for physiological studies and observation under the microscope. The “water-flea.” Daphnia has long been popular for simple physiology studies because its heartbeat is easily viewed...
High School Compound Microscope, Flinn Economy Choice

Quality, parfocal, parcentered, DIN optical systems combined with rugged, die-cast metal construction and a long lasting chemical-resistant finish. The optics and mechanical components ensure that optical alignment will be maintained. The result is...
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