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Studying Seed Evolution Using Histograms -
Student Laboratory Kit

Studying Seed Evolution Using Histograms -
Student Laboratory Kit, FB2011
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Studying Seed Evolution Using Histograms -
Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Looking for a creative way to teach evolution? Study seed evolution by making histograms! Evolution often conjures mental images of monkeys to cavemen to modern humans. In reality, evolution can be studied on a much simpler scale. Measure mass and length of sunflower seeds to see how such traits are selected in nature. Histograms created from the data allow students to analyze the frequency and symmetry of distribution and draw conclusions about the natural selection of seed size.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Five calipers are included for student groups to share. Additional calipers are available separately.

Calipers, Vernier, Double Scale, Steel
Usable for both inside and outside measurement. Double scale range is 59 or 120 mm. Readability of 1/128" or 0.1 mm. Roller adjustment ensures accuracy. Storage case included.
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