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Dyeing for Forensics - Super Value Laboratory Kit

Dyeing for Forensics - Super Value Laboratory Kit, FB2023
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Dyeing for Forensics - Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Hidden treasure is found in an old mansion and students are challenged to find the rightful owner. Along with the treasure are some personal mementos that will help solve the mystery. Six simulated DNA samples are analyzed using gel electrophoresis to determine which family described in the scenario is entitled to receive the mementos and money.

This activity is a simulation of the type of analysis made using DNA fingerprinting with two special cases of relatedness testing—Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA testing—newer methods often used on old or degraded DNA. Since simulated DNA is used, the dyeing step is not necessary. Colorful bands are visible after the gel has run for 15–20 minutes, and results are read during the same lab period.

Complete for 20 gels. Requires electrophoresis apparatus and power supply.

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