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Introduction to Reflection and Refraction - Activity-Stations Kit

Introduction to Reflection and Refraction - Activity-Stations Kit, AP7449
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Introduction to Reflection and Refraction - Activity-Stations Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Students explore the basic principles of reflection and refraction as they investigate properties of visible light in this series of three hands-on experiments. As students rotate from one lab station to the next, they use a plane mirror to discover the law of reflection, investigate the refraction of transmitted light, and explore multiple images created by two mirrors set at various angles.

The activity-stations format allows more labs to be completed in less time, with each activity designed to take 12–15 minutes to complete.Teacher notes with sample data, pre- and post-lab questions and answers, and materials to perform each activity are supplied. All materials are completely reusable—a great value!

Complete for 9 student groups.

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