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Chemical Wizardry - Multi-Demonstration Kit

Chemical Wizardry - Multi-Demonstration Kit, AP7503
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Chemical Wizardry - Multi-Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Mesmerize your students with these spell-binding demonstrations! First, set the mood as you generate the eerie glow of a green flame by sprinkling boric acid over a gel created with calcium acetate and ethyl alcohol. Next, add to the atmosphere of enchantment by transforming a solution into slimy, ghoulish, glowing polymer worms. Complete the spooky scene with a secret message written in blood-red ink made from an iron compound. As students observe the results of your wizardry, they learn important chemical concepts at the same time. Includes detailed Teacher Demonstration Notes, enough materials to perform each demonstration at least seven times, and a reproducible student worksheet.

Concepts: Gels, atomic emission, polymers, cross-linking, fluorescence, complex ions, chemical reactions.
Time Required: 30 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Boric acid, calcium acetate, ethyl alcohol, calcium chloride solution, copper(II) chloride solution, fluorescein, sodium alginate solution, iron(III) chloride solution, potassium thiocyanate solution.

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