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LabQuest 2™ Interface

LabQuest 2™ Interface, TC1561
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LabQuest 2™ Interface
Product Description

Get the most powerful and intuitive interface for science education! Engage your students with more hands-on scientific measurements and data collection, both in the classroom and in the field. LabQuest may be used as a stand-alone device that collects and analyzes data. Stream data wirelessly to tablets, Chromebooks and phones or connect via USB to a computer equipped with Logger Pro.

Durable interface is protected by rubber overmolding to shield it against everyday bumps, falls, and splashes. Includes a large, easy-touse 800- × 480-color touch screen, with LED backlight. High capacity lithium-ion batteries can be recharged with the included power adapter. Internal GPS, microphone, relative light and temperature sensors make this interface ready for the field. Your students can use LabQuest for an entire school day before the batteries need recharging!

Contains three analog and two digital sensor ports that are compatible with all of your current Vernier sensors. Micro SD card slot allows you to expand memory storage beyond the built-in 200 MB. Compatible
with iPads.


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