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Flinn SDS Library - Hard Copy

Flinn SDS Library - Hard Copy, AP7703
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Flinn SDS Library - Hard Copy
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A collection of over a thousand Safety Data Sheets that provide detailed information about the chemicals used on school premises. The Flinn Safety Data Sheets meet ANSI and GHS standards.

In March 2012 OSHA published the first major revision to the Hazard Communication Standard since its inception. In announcing the revision to incorporate what is known as GHS, OSHA stated that its goal was to transform the “right to know” into the right to understand chemical hazards. GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. Each SDS includes the following information:

• Chemical name and contact information
• Hazard class identification
• GHS pictograms and signal word
• GHS hazard and precautionary statements
• Chemical synonyms and CAS number
• Chemical formula and formula weight
• First aid measures
• Fire hazards
• Spill and leak control
• Chemical storage and shelf life
• Compatible chemical family
• Required personal protective equipment
• Reactivity and conditions to avoid
• Color and odor
• Toxicological information (TLV, LD50)
• Disposal information
• DOT shipping information
• Special precautions

Flinn SDS are written by our technical staff to specifically meet the needs of all science teachers. Entries are written in common, easy-to-understand terms. Every substance commonly found in an elementary or secondary school is included. The library is housed in three binders. The binders are very heavy-duty vinylite plastic that will stand up to years of repeated use. 8½" x 11".

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