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Teacher Resources

Biology Activities

Demonstrate yeast respiration—and simulate the effects of chemical pollution.
Five major water quality factors: Basic tests at minimal expense for students at all levels.
Easy, economical way to discover what the first visible traits of tiny sprouts reveal
How to maximize the performance and lifespan of your dissection instruments.
This is a great demonstration to teach concepts of acids and bases, solubility, digestion, and “antacid-testing” consumer biochemistry.
Inexpensive experiment helps students explore the variables affecting protein digestion.
Simulation of predator and prey interaction
One of the basic tenets of cell theory is that “all cells only arise from pre-existing cells.” In fact, new cells are formed by the process of cell division, which gives two genetically identical daughter cells.
Discover the appearance and organizations of plant cells in different phases of the cell cycle.
Explore the effects of mutations: How does a change in one nucleotide affect the way a message is transcribed to RNA and translated to a protein?
A variety of factors may cause gene expression to start or stop. What effect does temperature have?
How does the architecture of a leaf affect its photosynthetic efficiency?
In this engaging simulation of electrophoresis, each student in your class becomes a nucleotide in a giant DNA model
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