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Which videomicroscopy system is best for my uses?

Imagine the learning opportunities you will provide your students by connecting a color video camera to a microscope. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination! Demonstrate dissections that you may not wish the entire class to perform, or point out and clarify features only once instead of doing so for each student. Record demonstrations or lectures for students who are absent. For lab tests using microscope slides, simply project the slides onto the monitor. Never again will you need to set up and check 15 microscopes for a test!

Tired of kids looking at their eyelashes, bubbles, or dust particles? A video camera attached to your microscope will enable you to show your students in advance what they should be looking for. Success is guaranteed, less time is wasted, and students will not get frustrated and lose interest.

We recommend using the Video Flex® system line of cameras. The Video Flex® system consists of an ultra-compact video camera affixed to a 25" flexible gooseneck. Video Flex® includes audio capability and all accessories needed to get it up and running. For a great, multipurpose camera, on or off the microscope, consider the Video Flex® line of cameras.

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FB2029 Video Flex Model 7200 HD

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