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What is the level of formaldehyde in the preserved specimens that Flinn Scientific sells?

Unfortunately, there are companies who provide specimens with what we believe to be high levels of formaldehyde. Instead of removing most of the formaldehyde from the specimen and replacing it with a non-formaldehyde preservative, they simply mask the formaldehyde scent. What this means to you and your students is that you are still being exposed to formaldehyde, but the characteristic odor may not be noticeable. This practice offers a false sense of protection to both you and your students.

Flinn preserved animals have the lowest formaldehyde content of any available. Our preserved animals go through a painstaking and time-consuming process in which virtually all of the formaldehyde is removed before the specimen is transferred to the non-formaldehyde preservative. Our non-formaldehyde preservative has not only replaced the formaldehyde in the animal but also lowers the vapor pressure of any residual formaldehyde still remaining in the animal. Our preserved animals are 99.7% formaldehyde free and will off-gas less than 0.1 ppm under normal laboratory conditions. The end result is a preserved animal you can safely dissect without fear of being exposed to formaldehyde.

We encourage you to continue to ask questions until you are satisfied the specimens you are using are safe.

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