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Aquarium Plants

Upon receiving, plants can be transplanted to an aquarium after gently rinsing
them in tap water. This removes the majority of bacteria and other contaminants.
Maintain these plants in medium light at temperatures from 18 °C to 24 °C.

Culture plants in an aquarium. Add one to two inches of clean sand or
small gravel to the aquarium. Fill with well, rain or pond water. If tap water
is used, it must be allowed to age for three days. Add plants to the sand and
space them about eight to ten centimeters apart. Cover the aquarium lightly to
restrict evaporation and allow ventilation. Keep plants in a medium light.
Strong light will encourage algal growth which is detrimental to plant growth.
If you´re keeping other animals in your aquarium, such as fish or snails, make
sure not to overfeed them. Overfeeding pollutes the water with organic wastes.
Check your aquarium daily for dead plants or animals. Always remove all waste
from the aquarium as it accumulates

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