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Prior to receiving bacterial or fungal cultures it is helpful to be aware of the
requirements of the individual species. Each species has specific conditions
necessary for optimal growth. Refer to the Bacterial Cultures table in the Live
Material section of the Flinn Scientific Catalog/Reference Manual for
incubation temperatures and recommended media for each culture. Always keep
culture tubes sealed with caps or foam plugs. Plugging the tubes will prevent
cross-contamination of cultures and inhibit dehydration of the medium. Although
the cultures listed in this catalog are considered to be non-pathogenic, always
practice aseptic laboratory techniques.

Bacterial cultures will need to be sub-cultured to fresh media every two to three weeks to ensure a thriving culture. New cultures require approximately 24 to 48 hours for full development of colonies and for development of pigmentation in pigmented species.
Refrigeration will retard growth rates, allowing you more time to work with
cultures, and will also provide a means of longer term storage of cultures

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