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Classroom Plants

The plants can remain in the pot supplied and transplanted to a larger container
as necessary. A good general-purpose potting soil can be used, or else a mixture
of equal parts peat, sand, and loam. Humidity should, for most plants, be kept
at approximately 50%. Temperatures should range from moderate to warm (18 °C to
25 °C). Lighting should be medium to bright;protecting bright light plants from
excessive-heat with an average duration of about 15 hours per day. Feed plants
(follow product directions) once every month with a liquid fertilizer. Specific
requirements for plants are listed in the Flinn Scientific Catalog/Reference

Mimosa pudica is known as the sensitive plant. It curls its leaves in response even when only lightly touched or shaken. Mimosa will do best in a soil mixture of two parts peat moss, two parts loam, and one part sand. Keep soil slightly moist. This plant requires high humidity and warm temperatures. Keep plant in a covered terrarium or greenhouse and expose to bright light several hours a day.

Coleus is one of the most easily grown potted plants. Keep at warm temperatures and in bright light. It is very susceptible to mealybug infestation. If heavily infested, it is probably best to discard the plant, since they can be obtained very easily.
Periodically pinch back stem tips and buds to encourage branching and a fuller

Geraniums are also easily cultured and can be grown in medium to
bright light at moderate temperatures. Transplant individual plants to 4-inch
diameter or larger pots. Again, pinching back stem tips will encourage fuller
growth and also promote flowering

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