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Upon receiving, earthworms can be kept in original container for a couple of
days if kept at approximately 15 °C in a moist, dark place.

Culture earthworms in an appropriately sized container. The size and quantity of worms
you have will determine the size of the container. Allow approximately 150
milliliters per large earthworm. A dozen or so worms can be kept in a
half-gallon milk carton. Worms feed on decaying organic matter in soil. Adding
dead leaves to the soil will provide the worms with an adequate supply of
organic material. Occasionally add very small amounts of bread or cornmeal if
the humus content in the soil is low. Excessive amounts of foods can encourage
mold growth. Always keep the soil slightly moist. Water the soil only enough to
keep it damp. Overwatering is a common mistake. Flinn offers a complete
earthworm farm including container, bedding and food. Consult the Flinn
Catalog/Reference Manual index.

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