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Upon receiving, place mealworms in a larger container with sufficient amount of
bran meal medium. Mealworms should be kept at a temperature of 30 °C for optimal

Culture mealworms in any sized flat bottom bowl or container
with the top screened or loosely covered. The size of the container will
determine the amount of mealworms. The larger the container, the more mealworms.

Mealworms can live on a diet of any type of dry grain or cereal. One of
the best food sources for mealworms is bran meal; it provides for a healthy,
thriving mealworm colony. It should not be necessary to add water directly to
the medium or culture container. Adequate moisture can be provided by sprinkling
freshly grated carrot or potato over the surface of the medium once every week
to ten days. Every six months, transfer the adults, pupae and larvae to fresh
media. Subculture the large numbers into multiple containers. Mealworms are
ideal for classroom study. They´re easy to maintain and are relatively easy for
students to handle.

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