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Wheat Medium

Prepare by autoclaving or boiling four grains of wheat for each culture dish.
For ciliates use eight grains. Allow the medium to cool for 24 hours. Pour into
a shallow culture dish. Once a month add four or eight grains of wheat to each
culture dish.

Note: Media made by soaking or heating fresh or dried
organic (usually plant) material in water are known as "infusions". As a general
rule, approximately seven grams of organic material (wheat seed, rice, oat
flakes, hay, etc.) per liter of water is sufficient. To pre-treat the organic
material of choice it should be placed in boiling water for one to two minutes,
removed, and maintained under sterile conditions. After the pre-treated material
is added to culture dishes the resulting medium should be allowed to age 24 to
48 hours for the development of bacteria. The aged medium is then ready to be

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