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Upon receiving, loosen cap and aerate culture with a clean pipet. Rotifers should be kept in moderate light at room temperature.

Culture rotifers in small culture dishes filled with pond water. Lightly cover dishes to avoid evaporation, yet allow air exchange.

Rotifers can be maintained using one or a combination of the following methods:

(1) A diet of unicellular, non-filamentous algae such as Chlorella or Chlamydomonas.

(2) Very briefly boil 20 grains of wheat in one liter of water. Let the medium stand for a few days, then pour it into small culture dishes and add rotifers. After several weeks, when the rotifer culture is flourishing, divide each culture into two dishes and add more wheat medium.

(3) Mix 0.5 grams of hard-boiled egg yolk into a small amount of deionized water. Then add this egg yolk paste to 500 mL of water and let stand. On the fourth, sixth and eighth days, add rotifers to the egg media. After several weeks, subculture the rotifers.

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