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Upon receiving, you may plant or store the seeds depending on your needs. Store
the seeds in an airtight bag at temperatures between 5 °C and 15 °C in a dark,
dry place.

When you are ready to plant the seeds, there are a few things
you can do to ensure seed growth. Make sure the seeds are loosely covered with a
sterile starter mix. An all-purpose potting mix (such as Jiffy Mix®)
or milled sphagnum moss make excellent germination media. The starter medium
should be placed in seed trays or small pots to a depth of two to three inches.
Drainage can be facilitated with a thin layer of gravel beneath the soil. Some
seeds can be soaked for 12 to 24 hours prior to planting to speed germination.
As a general rule, seeds should be sown at a depth of up to three times their
diameter. Small seeds can be scattered over the soil and lightly pressed down.
Water the seeds by gently sprinkling with warm water. Cold water could lower the
temperature of the soil below the germination level. Always keep the soil moist.
Cover the seeds with a pane of glass or plastic wrap to trap heat and conserve
moisture. Try to keep the seeds at 22 °C to 27 °C. After the seeds have
germinated, remove the glass and use fluorescent lights to warm the seedlings.
As soon as the seedlings can be handled, transplant them to larger containers,
leaving enough room for each plant to grow unrestricted. As a general rule,
seedlings are ready to be transplanted at the time the first foliage leaves
appear. Water regularly.

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