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Upon receiving, put snails in an appropriate aquarium or terrarium. Land snails
should be maintained in indirect light at temperatures from 20 °C to 22 °C.
Culture land snails in a terrarium or glass jar. First, add a one-inch layer of
sand or small pebbles; secondly, add a layer of soil and a top layer of rotted
leaves. Then add some small dry twigs and a few stones. Mix the soil with a
small amount of calcium carbonate to ensure proper shell growth. It is also
important to keep the soil slightly moist. Land snails can be fed small pieces
of lettuce, carrots, apples, or celery. Remove excess food if it becomes molded.

Culture pond snails in an aquarium or glass jar containing a layer of
sand or small pebbles. Add a few small aquatic plants and fill with spring, well
or aged tap water. Every couple of days replace some water and occasionally
check to make sure the calcium level is adequate. The lighting level should be
adjusted to suit whatever plants are being kept in the aquarium.

Always cover aquariums because snails can easily climb out. Pond snails will feed on
aquatic plants or algae. Lettuce leaves or flaked fish food added several times
weekly will enable most snails to thrive. Uneaten foods should be removed
promptly to prevent fouling the water

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