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Chemical Demonstrations

Click here for seasonal demonstrations to share with your students! Updated every six weeks!
A study of catalysts and exothermic reactions.
A simple tool to see if your students have properly cleaned up their lab area.
Demonstrate the magic of chemistry by turning an ordinary flask into a beautiful silver mirror.
Watch as four solutions which appear to be one color under visible light "change" color when exposed to ultraviolet light.
A bottle of liquid club soda is removed from an ice bath and opened. Moments later the club soda freezes inside the bottle.
Three colorless solutions are mixed to produce a yellow solution that suddenly turns blue, then fades to colorless and turns yellow again. The color of the solution will continue to oscillate between yellow and blue for 10–15 minutes.
Create a floating tin sponge that rises to the surface upon reaction of an acidic tin(II) chloride solution with zinc. Two distinct single replacement reactions are clearly visible in this demonstration of the activity series of metals and the reactivity of metals with hydrochloric acid.
Seven colored solutions of different densities are prepared, and then carefully added to a graduated cylinder to demonstrate layering. A vertical rainbow of colors is produced! A spectacular demonstration on density.
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