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Chemical Demonstrations

Click here for seasonal demonstrations to share with your students! Updated every six weeks!
Have a ball with this exciting polymer activity.
A mysterious rainbow appears and disappears as colorless acid and base solutions are added to each other.
A startling and dramatic color change will lead you into the study of the effects of concentration, temperature and a catalyst on the rate of reaction.
A super reaction to display rates of reaction
Magically turn water to grape juice to lemonade to 7-Up® to milk to finally—after consuming all that, you’ll surely need— Pepto-Bismol®!
Bubbles and heat, foam and steam, “Old Foamey” has it all! Mix hydrogen peroxide with dishwashing liquid, add sodium iodide catalyst, then stand back and marvel as the decomposition reaction erupts in a cascade of steaming foam.
Challenge your students´ observation and reasoning skills with this simple demonstration!
Light Energy and Chemical Energy Demonstration
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