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Flinn ChemTopic Labs

Experiments and Demonstrations Guaranteed
to Help You Successfully Teach Chemistry!

Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs Manuals are a series of 23 lab manuals organized around key content areas in the chemistry curriculum. Each manual contains four to six student-tested experiments and three to five attention-getting demonstrations.

  • Created under the direction of Flinn Scientific and an Advisory Board of seven master teachers with over 180 years of chemistry teaching experience and numerous national chemistry awards.
  • All labs meet National Science Standards.
  • Each experiment offers background, pre-lab questions, key content, reproducible data tables and comprehensive teacher notes.
  • Includes a site license for reproducible student sections.

Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs Titles:
(Click individual lab titles for detailed descriptions, experiment and demonstration summaries, materials lists and applicable National Science Standards.)

These can be found on page 1034 of the current Flinn Science Catalog/Reference Manual.

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