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What are the benefits of Flinn Chemical Demonstration Kits?

Are the "oohs" and the "aahs" from excitement and amazement missing in your chemistry classroom? Bring back some of the fun and excitement of chemistry by using a Flinn Chemical Demonstration Kit.

We have developed over 30 exciting demonstrations designed specifically for your first year chemistry students. We guarantee you will find each demonstration to be "magical."

Fast and Easy - Chemicals and chemical solutions are already prepared. No preparation is required. All you need to do is open the box, dispense and measure the quantity of chemical required, and conduct the demonstration. We have provided enough of each chemical to perform the demonstration seven times. Once to practice, five times to perform with your students, and once to cover "Murphy's Law."

Guaranteed to Work - Many times demonstration failures are the result of old, poor quality chemicals. We guarantee your success because you will always be using fresh, new chemicals.

Affordable - No longer will you be required to purchase a large quantity of chemicals only to have them on your shelves for decades. We provide you with just the right amount of chemical needed to conduct the demonstration seven times.*

Documented - Each demonstration kit includes our "Teacher Demonstration Notes." We will tell you what the demonstration does, the procedure to be followed, what reactions will occur, and tips on how to "pull off" a demonstration your students will never forget.

Safe - No longer will you have to be concerned with old chemicals, chemical storage problems, or future chemical disposal problems. We provide you with just the right amount of chemical needed to conduct each demonstration.

Excite, energize and bring back the "magic" of chemistry using Flinn Chemical Demonstration Kits.

*No lab apparatus furnished with kits. Lab apparatus required is common material available in most school science departments.

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