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How do I make slime?

Slime! The word itself conjures up images of learning opportunities oozing with fun. Whether you use slime to motivate the creative writing talents of middle school students or to initiate a discussion of polymer chemistry with advanced secondary chemistry students, slime brings excitement to learning. Bring a smile to your students' faces...Slime them!

Click on the files below of ChemFax! instructions for making Guar Gum Slime and Polyvinyl Alcohol Slime. Read each ChemFax! and choose the slime that is appropriate for your lesson plan and your students.

Guar Gum Slime
If you want free-flowing, "goopy" slime, similar to the slime often seen in the movies (Do you remember slime-covered Bill Murray in Ghost Busters?), try Guar Gum Slime.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Slime
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Slime is less free-flowing than guar gum slime. PVA is an ingredient in many adhesives. PVA is the world's largest volume, synthetic, water-soluble polymer.

Flinn Scientific offers the educational fun of slime in convenient Chemical Demonstration Kits. These affordable kits include helpful "Teacher Demonstration Notes" and enough materials to do each demo seven times. Slime ingredients can also be ordered separately. See "Slime Preparation Chemicals" in the Chemistry of Toys section of your Flinn Science Catalog/Reference Manual.

Fluorescent Slime Demonstration Kit (AP9108) 

Slime Demonstration Kit (AP1829)

Slime for Everyone!-Student Laboratory Kit (AP5393)

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