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What is a hazardous material surcharge?

Both FedEx Ground (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS) have instituted a $25.00 per hazardous package shipment charge.

Flinn Minimizes HazMat Fees!
Yes, it's true! Flinn will will help to pay your hazardous materials shipping fees! The rising costs of hazardous materials shipping fees have been a growing concern of many science teachers. The fact that Flinn limits these charges to only $19.75 per order will be a big relief to science teachers and their budgets all across the country.

Flinn knows your science supply budgets are tight and every penny counts. Flinn Scientific is helping you save money so you can spend more of your precious budget money on the science supplies you need...not on hazardous materials shipping fees.

Just Another Reason for you to order your chemicals and science supplies from Flinn Scientific!

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