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Earth Science Education Network
This site contains a wide variety of educational resources for K–12 educators including many links to help teachers with earth science topics addressed in the National Science Education Standards.
Earth Science Educator
Provides over 150 links to teacher resources and student projects marked with appropriate grade levels for various topics including space, the atmosphere, soil composition, and much more.
Earth Science Teaching Resources
Dedicated to K–12 education and exploration, this site contains links and activities related to hydrology, geology and geography.
Earth Trends: The Environmental Information Portal
Timely and accurate global environmental information through a searchable database with maps, country profiles, and much more is available on this site.
Geology Online: 105 Sites That Rock
This site contains a list of websites that present modern geological and hydrological research, discussions, and even photographs from land, sea, and space that illustrate the complexity and diversity of Earth’s geologic processes.
SciJinks Weather Laboratory
Lots of fun activities and fascinating facts about the wild world of weather.
Sky and Telescope
This site offers beautiful celestial images, informative articles and current sky charts and observation almanacs.

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