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What type of tabletop should I use?

Three different types of tabletops are available. Select the tabletop which best fits your intended use and needs. We strongly recommend the epoxy resin tabletop.

Plastic Laminate

Economically priced top for use in general science classes. Wears exceptionally well under normal use. Has superior resistance to scratching with limited resistance to high temperatures, organics, and concentrated acids and bases.


Specifically designed for the science laboratory. Excellent alternative to the more expensive epoxy resin tops. Has excellent resistance to scratching and heat. ChemGuard® should not be subjected to open flames or temperatures exceeding 275 °F.

Epoxy Resin

Your best choice for a laboratory tabletop. Epoxy resin has excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and scratching. Surface is simple to clean and if maintained properly will look "brand new" for years.

Characteristic Plastic Laminate ChemGuard® Epoxy Resin
Scratch Resistance Good Fair Excellent
Heat Resistance Fair Fair Excellent
Chemical Resistance Fair Good Excellent

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