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Laboratory Design Checklist

How to Use the Flinn Scientific
Lab Design Checklist
The Flinn Scientific Lab Design Checklist is a tool to help teachers with planning renovation and/or construction projects. The checklist is a collection of items and features that need to be addressed in the planning of a new science laboratory. The checklist will become an important document that should be saved with other lab design papers. The Lab Design Checklist will:
  • Serve as a reminder of items and features that should be included in the design of the laboratory.
  • Provide evidence that the teacher's concerns were presented to the architect.
  • Help to verify that the teacher's requests were implemented in the final construction
  • Can become the start of a "punch list" of items to be corrected before or after construction is finalized.
The checklist has two columns:
  • Column "A" is used to check off each item discussed with the architect in the planning stage of a new construction or remodeling project.
  • Column "B" is used after the project is completed to check off all the items that were included in your new laboratory.

At the bottom of the checklist space has been provided for the architect and teacher to sign and date that these lab design issues have been addressed.

Bring the checklist to every meeting with the architect to help reinforce that these issues are important and must not be left out of the design. The list is by no means complete but it does address the most important safety issues that should not be overlooked when planning for a new laboratory.

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